Our Team

Nicole is the co-owner of Fit4Mom Bartlett-Barrington. She taught Stroller Strides classes for a year and a half before deciding to buy the business with fellow instructor Kristen Knobloch in July 2016. Nicole lives in South Elgin with her husband and three children. She has a Masters in Education and taught high school English for five years before becoming a stay at home mom after the birth of her first son. Nicole ran in several 5Ks and the Rock and Roll Half Marathon but never liked a traditional gym workout. But after 7 years of avoiding the gym like the plague, Nicole attended the grand opening of Fit4Mom Bartlett and instantly became addicted to the workouts, fun atmosphere and community of moms. She went from dreading workouts to working out every day and loving it. For the first time in her life, she felt excited about exercise and wanted to share Stroller Strides with as many moms as possible. That is how her journey to becoming a Fit4Mom owner began, and she couldn't be more proud to have such a strong village of women and children on the journey with her. Nicole is currently teaching Stroller Strides and Fit4Baby and looks forward to meeting new moms while helping them reach their fitness goals.


Kristen is the co-owner of Fit4Mom Bartlett-Barrington and a certified Stroller Strides, Fit4Baby and Body Back instructor. Kristen lives in Bartlett with her husband and two children. She was in marketing and public relations for 11 years before deciding to stay home with her two children and become a freelance writer. As an avid runner and yoga/Pilates fan, Kristen stayed active during and following her pregnancies. After the birth of her second child in 2014, Kristen was looking for a fitness class that would help her meet other moms and shed baby weight. She discovered Fit4Mom through a friend, and after attending a Stroller Strides class she was hooked. Kristen teaches Stroller Strides on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:30 am and Body Back on Wednesday at 7:30 pm and Saturday at 7 am at the Bartlett Community Center.


Alyssa was born and raised in Chicagoland, having lived most of her life in Bloomingdale, IL. Currently she lives in Bartlett with her husband and 3 sons (born 2011, 2013, 2016). She works part time as an operating room nurse at a hospital in the area.

After Alyssa's second son was born, she started looking for opportunities to get out and meet other moms in the area. Stroller strides was the answer! Working out, meeting other moms and having babies in tow was the perfect solution. Becoming an instructor was a natural progression. When you love something so much, you have to spread the word. Currently certified in Stroller Strides and Fit4Baby.

Alyssa is the instructor for the Fit4Baby class in the Bartlett location. Fit4Baby has a special place in her heart. She started teaching the class while pregnant with her third baby. Having a medical background makes this class a perfect fit for her. She loves teaching about health in pregnancy and helping pregnant mamas stay fit.

Alyssa can't wait to introduce more mamas to the fabulous Fit4Mom family.

Suzie is an instructor teaching Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre, and Fit4Baby classes. She joined Stroller Strides in April, 2015 after the birth of her first daughter as a way to get out of the house and meet local moms. At the time, she suffered from the “Baby Blues,” was sorely out of shape and felt very isolated. Stroller Strides helped guide her into this new phase of life called motherhood. Now, Suzie leads Stroller Strides at Stratford Mall on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, Stroller Barre at Stratford Mall on Thursday mornings, and Fit4Baby classes on a substitute basis.

Suzie has a B.A. in public relations, with minors in marketing and Spanish, from Bradley University in Peoria, Ill. and worked full-time in her pre-kids days as an Operations Manager and Project Manager for various PR and marketing agencies in Chicago and Oak Park. Suzie is an accredited leader with La Leche League Schaumburg/Roselle, supporting moms with all their breastfeeding needs.

Suzie and her husband, Mickey, live in Bloomingdale with their two daughters, born in August, 2014 and September, 2016. She looks forward to meeting new mothers and helping them achieve their goals and purpose as moms! Come join in the fun!more

Megan joined Stroller strides after her first son (2014) was born. While only able to attend class once a week, Megan saw the incredible bond that the moms and the kids had and she wanted more. Once pregnant with daughter (2016) and on maternity leave Megan was able to participate in more classes and be involved at more MNO’s and playgroups. This group of moms became her village. While still working Full Time at a Children's Hospital the village is her rock. Becoming an instructor was a natural progression.

One of the biggest realizations Megan had when she became a new mom is the importance of caring for yourself in order to care for the rest of your family. She looks forward to sharing this knowledge with the village. FIT4MOM gives Megan strength for motherhood, physically and mentally. She is thrilled to join the Bartlett/Barrington FIT4MOM team and is excited to help others find strength. Megan teaches Stroller Strides Saturday mornings at 9:00am in Bartlett.


Melanie lives in Roselle and is a mom to two kids, Cora and Elias. She has a background in HR leadership, business acquisition and integration, and global project management, but left her corporate career in 2016 to focus on her family full time. She found Stroller Strides during the Roselle grand opening in 2015 and immediately signed up. She has been hooked ever since, and loves watching her kids develop a passion for exercise at such a young age. She hopes to always provide a motivating and challenging workout for moms and a fun, educational, and entertaining environment for their children. Melanie will be taking over Monday and Wednesday Stroller Strides in Roselle come August and will be an ongoing sub for all locations off Stroller Strides and Fit4Baby.more

Jessica lives in Roselle with her husband and daughter (born December 2015). She has a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education as well as minors in math and psychology. She taught 2nd grade for just a year followed by nannying before becoming a stay at home mom. Jessica joined Stroller Strides in April 2016 when she was looking for something to do with her 4-month-old daughter where she could meet other moms and kids. After almost a year of attending Stroller Strides, in January 2017, Jessica made the decision to start Body Back. After two sessions, she was hooked and just had to be a bigger part of Fit4Mom. Becoming a Body Back instructor was the obvious next step! Jessica cannot wait to bring the life-changing experience of Body Back to more mamas!!


Kristen currently lives in Elgin but lived most of her life in Grayslake, Il. She moved here before getting married in 2013, now has two little ones to add to her fast growing family; Lucia born in 2015 and Matteo born 2016. Kristen has always been a high intensity athlete. She did gymnastics for 16 years and started playing soccer in high school, played in college and still plays any chance she gets. After closing the competition chapter of gymnastics in her life she couldn't find something that fit her need for competition, so she ended up coaching the sport and has done so for more than 10 years! She loves coaching. As for working out, since ending competitive sports, she has filled her time with lots of running and long walks and found a large passion with weightlifting, bodybuilding and cross fit. She has competed in NPC bikini bodybuilding, and has to say it is her proudest personal accomplishment in fitness as an adult. Cross fit just fits Kristen's lifestyle the same way gymnastics did, it's intense but she has a community of people to cheer her on as she pushes herself which is what drew her to Stroller Strides and Fit4Mom. Kristen took her first Fit4Mom class 10 YEARS AGO! That's right, She took Stroller Strides when she was 20 years old and had no kids! Her sister was taking the class in Chicago, and Kristen was there visiting her. Her sister refused to miss her workout and explained that they use bands for their workout and everyone has their kids in a stroller. She said it's a really good workout, and that Kristen might want to bring some water. Kristen played college soccer but was still not prepared. The class was TOUGH!! She had a hard time keeping up with the mamas! And from then on she was hooked; Kristen vowed that when she had kids she would take Stroller Strides. And now Kristen is an instructor! She love these classes because Moms get a great workout with 3 levels of intensity that can fit any mom's needs. More importantly, what Fit4Mom provides that Kristen didn't expect but really needed is A COMMUNITY of amazing women and kids who she now calls her closest friends.


Angela is currently one of Fit4Mom Bartlett-Barrington's new play group captains.She is extremely organized and is excited to plan events for the Village. Angela has been a part of Fit4Mom since February 2016. She joined Stroller Strides to stay fit during her pregnancy, and loved it so much she couldn't leave! Angela has always enjoyed fitness and has experience as a cross-country runner, cyclist, pilates and weight lifter.She has also taken classes on nutrition and health. Fit4Mom has met all her high fitness standards as well as introduced her to a wonderful community of women who share her passion for healthy living and fitness. She is happily married and has a two year old daughter and is expecting a newborn son any day now!