Amanda Before and After BBT 2017.jpg

That's a Wrap

Success. I've been at it for 5 full months now! Body Back Transformation works! The nutrition, the workouts, the accountability, the support, the desire is all there. It's such a good mix of emotions right now. I barely recognize myself in photos. I mean I see myself everyday in the mirror but when I see pictures of me, I can't stop looking and asking who that woman is. After 3 sessions, I've seen physical changes and emotional changes. I am the healthiest and strongest I've been since high school. I'm happier and have more energy for my family. I'm comfortable in my body. I'm more confident with my food choices. I'm more in control of my life.

Has it been easy? Heck no! Will I always want sweets? Probably. But I have a better hold on my food choices. I understand food better and know what I'm putting in my body and making healthier choices for me and my family. Body Back Transformation teaches you how to really look at food and read labels. I have a purpose now when grocery shopping. (I don't let my husband do it anymore because he brought home so much junk!)

Meal planning is definitely a must (at least for dinner) now. It has helped with grocery shopping, budgeting, and staying on track with nutrition. Plus it gives me and my husband some time to actually communicate and talk about what foods we like, are willing to try and there's no more last minute poor food choices.

I'm so grateful for this change in my life. It's been an amazing journey. Nicole, Kristen and all the women have been the best. We all need each other. Credit also goes to my wonderful husband, Kosta, who has been holding down the fort with 4 kiddos 6 and under for the past 5 months. His support and encouragement made it possible for me to be where I'm at today. XOXO