Two weeks left of this short journey and the nutrition or maybe the cravings for sweets is still kicking my butt. I was left home alone, which rarely ever happens and for many hours, and the chocolate temptations kicked in. I was cleaning up the house and finally going through containers worth of Easter candy, and I just couldn't stop myself. They were mini chocolates but still, I had too many. And I'm feeling it in my face. My complexion over the past few days has not been so pretty.

However with this set back, I still have Nicole checking in on me by sending her my daily meal plan and what I actually ate each day. I am grateful for this extra push as the last few weeks get tough. Meal planning had definitely gotten easier and not as tedious as before. We are spending more time at home as a family and eating healthier.

I've met my goals already. I'm healthier than I've ever been. I'm running more. I'm more confident. I'm stronger.

For this week I really want my focus to be the workouts. Making sure I get ALL the extras in and pushing myself to do even better. I'm grateful for Stroller Strides and the flexibility of schedules to get me there. Full force this week!