My Why

Over the past week I've kept thinking about my why. The Fit4Mom Stratford studio has a HUGE sign that says "remember why you started". I began this journey in January because I wanted to lose weight and feel better about myself. I wanted to be stronger and find myself. As mothers, wives, women, we are constantly giving. And not giving enough back to ourselves. After having 4 pregnancies and 4 kids in 6 years, I needed to find myself again! I wasn't sad or depressed. I was just tired. Really tired. I was tired of being a mom and wife. I NEEDED to be myself and to remember who I was and who I am now. My first session gave me back myself. I was eating healthier. I was taking care of myself. I was planning out my days and weeks. I was fitting into my clothes better. People were complementing me on my appearance. I was happier. I had more energy for my family. I was feeling great. I lost a good amount of weight and challenged myself to the next round.

In session two I wanted to get stronger, run a faster mile, see if I could maintain the weight loss. And I did.

Session three, my why has more purpose. I am still selfish and doing this for myself. But more importantly I am doing this for a better life. A healthier life for me and my family. To be consistent with the choices I make each day. So when I hear Nicole shouting in our faces, or I'm running that last mile uphill, or not taking a bite of my daughter's chocolate cupcake, I think "remember why you started". I think of my family. I think of my children. I think about playing and dancing with them. I think about making memories. And I remember to SLOW DOWN. My time is now. I can do it. I will do it.

At home workouts were a challenge for me this week. I got about half of them done. I had some really good days where I had so much energy and motivation. But I also had very long days of 6 am-9 pm of nagging children with no support. I did what I could. I stayed on track with my meal plan, which by the way, is like 80% of BBT, tried new meals, got a couple of runs in, and spent more time outside with my family.

This week's focus is making my workouts a priority with NO EXCUSES. I'm hoping my husband will join me again or at least push me to get those workouts in.