"As it turns out, one of the most wonderful joys of motherhood is the other mothers." -Anna Jordan

This week was truly about motherhood and how we support each other every single day. I am so lucky to be part of an amazing village of strong, beautiful, & healthy role models I look up to and turn to when need be.

As chaotic as my life may be at home, Fit4Mom Bartlett-Barrington has been my core. When our HIIT Live workouts get tough, I hear another momma cheering me on. When I feel like I can't get one more push-up in before time is up, my partner pushes me to do it. When getting started on a 4 mile run just seems impossible, there's a momma there to motivate me to get going. The truth is, we need each other. I need them. I need them to let me know I'm kicking butt at this mommying thing. I need them to help me understand that I need to come first before I can take care of others.

Food continued to be a challenge this week. I had my meals and snacks planned but fell to too many sweet temptations between my husband's birthday (leftover cake), mommy & me time with my 6 year old, and Mother's Day, I just keep grabbing. I need to be more conscience about how eating sugar will make me feel.

With the weather warming up I'm trying to get in more water to quench my thirst. I'm also planning my snacks ahead of time and having fruit readily available instead of grabbing an unhealthy treat. Grilling chicken for the week has helped tremendously. I've added grilled chicken to salads, quinoa, eggs, & veggies. I'm probably at the grocery store at least 3 days a week grabbing fresh produce. My children and husband are beginning to try all of the meals which makes cooking so much better and easier.

My focus this week is to get back on my meal planning and to stick to it. I've thrown out desserts that have been brought home and tempting me. I've cut up veggies for snacks and have some fruit to go in the diaper bag. There's no excuses this week!