Half Way Point

Half Way Point

Half way to a lifetime of healthy choices and happy living. I'm feeling pretty motivated even though our workouts have been pretty intense (thanks Nicole). We are given weekly challenges, on top of our weekly workout plan, and then Nicole throws a surprise challenge/workout in, just for fun! But the workouts keep me going. I am sore but I like it! I'm running more, doing more strength training and pushing to get to the next level. Knowing that my body is working in places it hasn't before (or hasn't in a long time) motivates me. I look at myself in the mirror and I'm hardly recognizable. I'm feeling more confident and in control of my life.

I started back at Stroller Strides this past week after taking a month off because I knew the at home workouts with Body Back would be hard for me to complete. Our SS instructors give us a kick @$$ workout and it's great that it's already imbedded in my schedule. If it wasn't, I'd probably have only gotten half the workouts in. I've been able to keep up with the challenges and feel stronger when completing them. Although the challenges can be tough, they're actually pretty fun!

Food has been a challenge for me this week. I didn't map out my week. We still had so much leftovers that I wanted to finish them up and cooking just seemed so exhausting. Some of the recipes take a good amount of time to make and I just didn't have the time to cook this past week. We did go out for dinner one night and I ate a turkey burger with cheese and whatever sauce came on it. Only half though. I was tired of salads and didn't want to pay the $12 it cost at the restaurant when I could make it for like $2. I had a few bites of sweets. Even though I made these choices, I don't feel too guilty. I've learned to limit the amount of unhealthy food and am beginning to find a good balance of rewarding myself with a treat. YOLO, right?

My focus for this week is to be more conscious about making good food choices and trying 3 new recipes from the book and to get more sleep.