Week TWO! Exhausted. That's what I am this week. Not sure if it's a combo of the workouts, the weather getting nicer, the kids tantrums or possibly getting my period; but I am tired. Mentally, emotionally and physically. I am so drained. With the help of my BBT ladies, I keep going. I see their struggles and successes and tell myself that I'm in it for me but also for them. We support and motivate each other.

Meal planning had been a challenge since the start of session one. However, this week I had ALL my meals planned and everything I needed stocked in my kitchen! Did I actually cook everything I had planned? No. Surprisingly the dinner recipes make more food than expected. My husband is being a trooper and eating what I cook but has not been taking the leftovers for lunch. So that leaves me eating the leftovers pretty much all week. Plus we've had some leftover Easter food that I've replaced meals with alongside half a plate of veggies. I have been trying new recipes though and really enjoyed the Overnight Oatmeal & 4 Bean Veggie Slow Cooker Chili. This week I've definitely put in "leftovers" in my meal plan.

Cravings. This week I've been craving sweets and junk food. It doesn't help when my husband asks if I want ice cream or I see him eating chips and dip. I've probably had too much Trail Mix or Oatmeal Bites (still the recommended portion though) and even added the Oatmeal Bites to my lunch today because I needed something sweet. I noticed my hunger creeps in when I've gotten so busy that I've forgotten to eat my snack, my meal at a normal time or haven't drank enough H2O. I've also found having my snacks planned and ready to go helps to carve off some of the hunger. Instead of grabbing some junk, I headed off on an hour walk with 2 of the kiddos.

This week I'm really focusing on getting some great workouts in. Nicole has bumped it up to 6 workouts this week and some pretty intense challenges. I'm in!